Mexico, New Jersey grand prix looking doubtful for 2014

The 2014 calendar is indeed crowded…too crowded according to some and now it seems that two races could vaporize off the schedule when the FIA release the final revision in December. According to Adam Cooper story, Mexico and New Jersey may become eraser marks on the FIA schedule.

Apparently the infrastructure challenges for the Mexican Grand Prix circuit are just too daunting to have completed before its slated late-season slot in 2014 and according to Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, New Jersey still doesn’t have the cash:

“New Jersey won’t happen because they still haven’t got the finance together for that,” Ecclestone said. “I put it on the calendar because they keep telling me it’s all going to happen.”

It’s a shame that Mexico couldn’t happen because it would have been a nice addition to the Austin, Brazil finale. New Jersey simply seems to be an ongoing war of words and wallets. The New Jersey race would have fit nicely into the Canadian leg of the tour.

As Cooper points out, there will be a gap in the schedule late in the season and that may cause a reshuffle to close the gap and reclassify a few race dates so keep your eye on that if you’re planning 2014 F1 trips.

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