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As if things couldn’t get more convoluted (with Max’s recent letter describing a major power war going on in Formula 1 and talks of set-up’s) the Times is reporting that an MI5 officers wife was one of the prostitutes involved in the Max Mosley Nazi-style, sadomasochist sex scandal that has rocked the F1 world.

Apparently, according to the Times, an officer was released a month ago after revealing that his wife was one of the hookers at the Mosley orgy in Chelsea.  The orgy has created a fire-storm of criticism for the FIA President asking for his resignation and has prompted a June 3 extraordinary meeting of the FIA to initiate a vote of no confidence.

MI5 has been adamant that there was no “sting” operation initiated by their organization and that they have no involvement in the case.  The disclosure of the MI5 agent’s wife comes just a few weeks after the FIA  hired Quest investigative services to take the case and help determine if there was a Nazi theme to the orgy.

With three weeks until the FIA’s meeting to determine Mosley’s fate, could this all be the actions and orchestrations of a desperate man?   Mosley was recently told that the Royal family of Monaco does not want his presence at the crown jewel race of F1 this coming weekend in which he plans to attend.  It was also revealed that he would be working in a reduced capacity and not allowed to partake in any of the formal FIA activities regarding the race ceremonies or dinners.  All of this seems to be an orchestrated PR drive of Mosley’s to exonerate him and reatin his position.  This week has seen two major communication efforts by the Mosley camp.

First, a lengthy letter explaining that his position must be retained so he can save Formula 1 from Bernard Ecclestone and the Commercial Rights Holders (CRH) in a war of negotiations that only Mosley can navigate.  Mosley claims that F1 is not safe from Ecclestone and the CRH as they are attempting to take over all facets of Formula 1 including the governance role now held by the FIA.

He implied that the future of the FIA was tenuous without his continued negotiations and management and that an orderly retirement is what is needed in October 2009.  Secondly, the disclosure of a possible MI5 link to the case seems to be offered as support of his theroy that he was set up by the very powers attempting to thwart the FIA and Mosley in grand efforts to take over Formula 1 (as implied in his letter).  One can only assume by inference that he feels Bernie Ecclestone, CRH or others are attempting to remove the FIA from governing power and are behind, what Mosley feels, is an obvious set-up regarding the orgy in Chelsea.

The plot thickens as Mosley continues to preserve his role as FIA President and the F1 community continues to shun him in a long and arduous procession to the June 3rd meeting of the FIA.  AS we mentioned in Podcast #53, this is a bombshell revelation/fabrication and it will only get worse from here.  As teams, Formula 1 luminaries and Mr. Ecclestone himself will no doubt respond to Mosley’s allegations.  And you thought F1 scandal were over when the “spygate” affair ended last year.

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