Miami GP Review | Podcast Ep 886

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Paul and Todd as they review the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. They cover each team as they finished and share their views on all the action.


  • Lando Norris secures his first F1 win at the Italian Grand Prix
  • McLaren’s upgrade package shows promise, but its impact on Red Bull and Ferrari remains to be seen
  • Sergio Perez struggles with grip and nearly causes a collision in turn one
  • The sprint race format receives mixed reviews and may need adjustments
  • Lando Norris receives praise from fellow drivers for his victory
  • Sergio Perez had a difficult weekend, making a mistake in turn one and colliding with other cars.
  • Ferrari had a solid performance, with Charles Leclerc finishing in P3 and Carlos Sainz in P5.
  • Lewis Hamilton showed determination, recovering to P6 despite struggling with grip.
  • Alpine scored their first point of the season, with Esteban Ocon finishing in P10.
  • Haas had a mixed weekend, with Nico Hulkenberg impressing in P11 and Kevin Magnussen receiving penalties for aggressive driving. Kevin Magnussen should have checked up to avoid the collision with Logan Sargeant
  • McLaren made excellent strategic decisions at the Miami Grand Prix
  • Lando Norris showcased his driving skills and deserved the win
  • Paul will be racing at Laguna Seca and Coda with the Heart of Racing team

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00:00 Introduction and Recap
09:14 Lando Norris’s First F1 Win
16:30 McLaren’s Upgrade Package
26:15 Sergio Perez’s Lock-up and Collision
30:55 Review of the Sprint Race Format
34:52 Praise for Lando Norris
37:48 Mixed Weekend for Haas
52:00 The Incident between Logan Sargeant and Kevin Magnussen
59:59 McLaren’s Strategic Excellence at the Miami Grand Prix
01:05:11 Lando Norris: A Deserving Winner
01:08:06 Addressing the Traffic Issue in Qualifying
01:13:20 Paul’s Upcoming Races with the Heart of Racing Team


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While I agree with you that we shouldn’t over-police the drivers with too many penalties, the problem is that they are bringing it onto themselves, the way Sainz was carrying on about giving Oscar a penalty was embarrassing.

Xean Drury

I also think there’s been too much punishing the outcome and not the act as well, this season.

Xean Drury

Yes, I remember that one off knock out format time trial. I honestly think it had good potential, it’s just the execution that lacked. The problem was that with so many knock out times, the teams were tripping over when to send the cars out. No doubt they could have refined it to make it better. Realistically, all teams do two laps each Quali session (usually). I could see Q1 and 2 being refined as follows (let me know what you think): Everyone goes out for Lap 1. The top 10 are safe. the bottom 10 then go out for… Read more »


Back in the day, everyone used to get 1 hour, go out, do as many laps as you want and your best time set your starting grid. Might be worthwhile looking at something simple again.

Xean Drury

Yea, that’s what Todd and Paul were saying. I wasn’t watching then, but me thinks that with today’s data driven F1, they’d all still wait until the last 3 minutes to send them out for the REAL fast lap, and we’d get the same issue. I wouldn’t mind if they gave that knock out format another go. I think it was fine; it was just the teams that didn’t get it right the first time, but they’d get better.