Miami GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 782

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1Miami Grand Prix. We analyze each team as they finished and even discuss the panache that was the Miami GP.

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When Martin Brundle started his grid walks back when ITV took over coverage from the BBC in 1997, he interviewed drivers, engineers and team principles. They were willing to talk to him as he was known to all on the grid having only just stopped racing in F1. Gradually over the years the emphasis seems to have changed and fewer people directly involved in the race are interviewed as more ‘celebrities’ are approached, many who have little or no relevant comment to make on the forthcoming race.

Xean Drury

The problem, as eluded to, is that these celebs are not race fans; they’re there for the party. They need to get Chip the intern out there confirming that a. This is the droid they’re looking for and b. They’re willing to talk to Martin

And c. If you’re on the grid, you have to be willing to be interviewed. Or else you don’t go on the grid.



I’d prefer if they went back to talking to drivers and team personnel.

jiji the cat

I am plummetting down the order in our fantasy league. I’m not even coming close to getting any right, WTF?

jiji the cat

i think im giving you a good run for your money. i now know how the “donkey fo the race” feels

David Brigham

Todd, Paul, and even Grace, if you ever find yourselves in Massachusetts and south of Boston you’re invited to dinner. Paul, we’ll learn how to make curry.