Miami propose new track ahead of vote

In an effort to keep the Miami Grand Prix alive, the Miami Dolphins have revised the track layout ahead of a very important meeting with the city. Detractors say the sport would be a nuisance with noise and exhaust in their community and both the Dolphins and mayor disagree.

County commissioner, Barbara Jordan, said “Don’t bring the race into our bedroom community” as she represented the Miami Gardens area. Local homeowners association representative, Sam Dubbin, says the re-profiling of the circuit late in the game by the Dolphins is “very unfortunate gamesmanship”.

The new profile for the track avoid using county roads and therefore does not disrupt traffic and they also will delay practice on Friday to avoid any school disruption. Despite that, local resident, Karen Hunter Jackson, said, “199th Street is irrelevant. It’s the entire area that will suffer,” she said. “As long as it’s in our community where there are homes and people, it’s a problem.”

If you are starting to get the picture of what it takes to host one vent in America, then you will understand why it seems everything is litigious these days. It’s also why Austin is such a gem.

To be fair, the residents are trying to think of the myriad ways in which their lives will or could be impacted and I understand that to a point. I am sure the Dolphins have shared economic impact figures with residents but perhaps that isn’t as important to the residents of Miami Gardens.

It will be interesting to see if this works but there is a very large part of me that is concerned over a parking lot race.

Hat Tip: Miami Herald

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I remember that there once was a thought of holding this near Miami’s harbor or perhaps toward Miami Beach (Florida State Hwy A1A). Why not go there instead?

The Captain

I mean it’s pretty easy and simple to host an event without any litigation here in the U.S. just by simply using one of our existing and outstanding racing circuits so….

And personally I don’t care how disingenuous the residents claims are if they help prevent a boring parking lot race then fine by me.


The residents should think of the economic impact versus a week of inconvenience. In Canada we get 5 months of inconvenience called Winter, and trust me, there is NO economic benefit.