untitled.bmpMichael Schumacher’s accomplishments are well documented.  His records written in stone and his critics have been heard.  His prolific domination of F1 has become so enormous that the reaction has ranged from praise to scorn.  I am not going to defend Michael’s career or discuss details.  Rather just share the emotion of the moment for a driver I have called my hero of F1 for 15 years.

How will Michael truly be remembered?  How will his legacy be discussed in generations to come?  How will history judge this singular man?

Perhaps the answer is as singular as the man himself.  The hearts of millions who watched the entirety of his career and the lives of those he has and will touch.

I have attempted to remain unbiased in my commentary regarding Michael and at the risk of exposing myself as a Schumacher fan; I feel it is the least I can do to honor the one man I truly admired in Formula 1.

Michael has his critics, failed moments, questionable tactics and cool veneer.  Of that I will not argue but I will say that I watched his entire career from his first ride at Spa to Monza 2006.  I have never respected such immense talent as I have in Michael Schumacher.   His images adorn my office, walls and home.  My daughter shares his birthday and I wear his watch model.  I fought back tears as I watched his announcement.  It signaled and end for me.  It is an end to cheering for a hero who so completely utilized the system of Formula 1 to the benefit of many around him.  Even the victims of the Tsunami and many other charities have felt the touch of F1 via, arguably, its greatest driver.  I shared every moment of his career from a distance that afforded me the nuance of imagined empathy.  My faith in F1 was renewed during his tenure and I am nonplussed as to what the future of F1 will be without him. 

It is an emotional time for me as an ardent fan of Michael Schumacher.  Fifteen years of my life have been spent marveling in the spectacle that is Michael Schumacher.  A singular talent.  A singular driver.  A singular soul.  It has been a privilege to be in the presence of this man and to be alive during an era of F1 that will never be repeated.

As with all drivers; a time comes.  I so much wanted to hear he was moving to another team or continuing with Ferrari but alas, I understand.  If he wins the WC, so much the better.  If he doesn’t; he will always hold the championship in my heart.  Having never had the honor of meeting Michael; he will always be welcome in my home even if that is in a different capacity in F1 or another series.  I am thinking DTM with Mika and Heinz would be a blast to watch.  Many wept at Sennas’s passing; I now understand why.  Thank God Michael has a choice that Senna never had; for that I am thankful.

You will always be the greatest to my family Michael.  Thank you so much for all the years and memories.  I am indebted to you sir. 

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