If one needed another reason why I have trouble with Max Mosley’s pragmatic approach to F1 regulations, this stiry is it. You see, KERS was ushered in as a “green” issue for F1 and everyone living knows that F1 is not “green” but nor is a huge consumption of resources comparatively. But Max demanded KERS be introduced under th guise of eco-friendliness, cost cutting and relevancy. Now teams are looking at a Mini-KERS system at circuit tracks that will not generate large amounts of energy due to braking. So they not only have engineered, spent money an ushered in a KERS system but they also have created a mini-KERS system to combat the fact that certain tracks will not generate the braking needed to be effective. It seems to me that the FIA could have anticipated this and ruled that one KERS system only is allowed and must be fitted the the car at every race or not. Frustrating.

When asked about the mini-KERS system, Stefano said:

“That is something that could be done,” Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali is quoted as saying.

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