Mixed emotions on MotoGP delayed race

There are mixed emotions regarding the postponed season opening race in Qatar today as MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta defends his position.

“The QMMF offered us the choice to run the race tomorrow, and as it was a very important decision we wanted to consult with all the team managers,” said Ezpeleta.

“The postponement was accepted by a large majority. This has been an extraordinary decision in extraordinary circumstances.”

According to F1B’s most trusted friend in the MotoGP world reports, several riders are not happy about the delayed race and running on Monday night.

F1B has been blessed with such friends as Kropotkin, Bob Hayes/Jules Cisek and the art provided by the phenomenally talented Scott Jones at Turn2photography(Scott took the main story picture for us at F1B). Having such resources has allowed us to cover MotoGP for F1 fans on a level they enjoy without attempting to woo the anoraks of the sport as these three outlets, plus Toby Moody’s site, provide the detail they desire. The rain delay and night race does have a tie-in for F1 fans as we faced a similar situation in Malaysia last week and should the Singapore race have rain at the start; what will we do? Will we reschedule the race or cancel it? how will we handle it and what lesson could be learned from the Qatar race?

As Kropotkin says, it is not uncommon for rain to appear in Qatar and Singapore is more likely to experience a deluge than a desert so the chances are very real that we will be faced with this situation sooner or later if Bernie keeps hammering home night and twilight races.

If you listened to our MotoGP preview podcast starring Bob Hayes and Jules Cisek, you will also notice similarities with DORNA and FOM/FIA initiatives for their respective sports. It seems DORNA is traveling down the same road FOM and FIA has and that is a shame. This postponed night race is the first faced by DORNA and could be a precursor to the first faced by FOM. Your thoughts?

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