Monaco GP: Ricciardo’s first-ever Pole position

Daniel Ricciardo secured his maiden Pole Position in Formula 1 today at the Monaco Grand Prix. If you were going to take your first pole, what better place to do it?

Red Bull was very confident in the lead up to this weekend and their chassis was spot on for qualifying. Here is a link to the on-board video of his pole position lap.

It wasn’t an easy qualifying session for either Mercedes driver but perhaps the more unnerving session belongs to Lewis Hamilton who had a fuel pressure issue at the beginning of Q3 as he set off to make his first run in the session. Lewis seemed to have the stuffing taken out of him during the post qualifying interviews and was very deflated.

Lewis managed to stop before pit exit and the team did a good job of hustling the world champ back to the garage to remedy the situation. Regardless, he did not manage pole and will star third behind his teammate, Nico Rosberg.

Rosberg didn’t manage pole position either as Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo was the fastest man on circuit taking his first pole position at Monaco no less. The Red Bulls looked daunting all weekend long and may have been even more of a factor in the race had Ricciardo’s teammate, Max Verstappen, not clouted the wall in Q2 ending his qualifying session.

For Ferrari, the team looked competitive but not in contention for pole position with Vettel saying his car got worse as time advanced in Q3 and his teammate Kimi Raikkonen will suffer a 5-place grid penalty for a gearbox change.

For me, I expected Red Bull to do well here given how good their chassis is but the talk of qualifying in my mind is not only the incredible performance of Ricciardo but that of Force India and Toro Rosso as well.

Nico Hulkenberg threw down a stonking lap and split the Ferrari duo to start 5th with Sergio Perez in 8th. Force India’s new upgrades do seem to be working around Monaco at least and they need a good result.

Toro Rosso did a wonderful job in the hands of Carlos Sainz who will start 7th and Daniil Kvyat who will start 9th.

The final position is for McLaren’s Fernando Alonso and that 10th place qualifying effort seems to betray Eric Boullier and Ron Dennis’s commentary about the car having the third best chassis on the grid…better than Ferrari’s chassis. Kimi’s 5-place grid penalty will still see him start ahead of Jenson Button.

Marcus Ericsson missed out on a place in Q2 by just 0.046s but he still managed to best his teammate, Felipe Nasr (Paul Charsley’s man) who suffered engine failure in Q1.

1RicciardoRed Bull1:13.622101.391 mph
5HulkenbergForce India1:14.7261.104
7SainzToro Rosso1:14.7491.127
8PerezForce India1:14.9021.280
9KvyatToro Rosso1:15.2731.651
21VerstappenRed Bull1:22.467
22NasrSauberNo Time
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Dr T


Sorry Todd…

jiji the cat

Oi Oi Oi.


As I said in a previous thread – not bad for a number one driver!

Dr T

Mad Max hit the wall in Q1

And apparently Nico Rosberg had the same issue as Lewis according to the team

Thanks for posting the link to the onboard lap

Fred Talmadge

I find it interesting that Gutierrez has been faster than Grosjean most of the week.
Also I’m wondering how well Toro Rosso and Force India will do in the race.
Should be a fun one.

Tim C.

Please . . . bring on the great equalizer . . . rain, rain, rain! And, somebody please choose an unconventional strategy. Is that to much to ask?

Paul KieferJr

Let’s see……choose an unconventional strategy, win, and they call you a genius. Do so and lose, they call you an idiot, crazy, insane, etc.

Do you really want to take that risk?

charlie white

Is Sergio Marchionne ready to accept Ferrari as the 3rd best car on the grid? Should we expect the prime RedBull team to get better for the rest of the season?


I admit I wasn’t aware that Ricciardo hadn’t yet achieved a pole before today. Sounds crazy, but then he only switched to RBR when they switched to a cr**py engine.


Not too sure what your point is here as RBR have been using Renault engines since well before the the arrival of the honey badger. Even before the current refs it has always been rumoured that the Renault was down on hp


Damn auto correct should have been regs


They were down on HP in the V8 era, but only by a small amount & they made up for it in two ways – they had extremely smooth power delivery, and they were designed to suit the Red Bull’s blown diffuser.

In the hybrid era their HP deficit to Mercedes has been much larger. RBR would love to have only a 30 HP deficit now, as they’d back themselves to develop a car that was capable of making up the difference.


So no mention of the fact that Ricciardo got through Q2 using super soft tyres, so will start on harder rubber than the rest of the top ten. He should then be able to stay out while the rest pit and drop back into the pack starting behind the Williams’. If he makes the first set last long enough, he can then put on the ultra soft for the end of the race, and pull even further in front.


Yup, that was a slight bit of genius by Red Bull. Horner mentioned after quali that he was surprised nobody else tried it. It was a gamble – albeit a low risk one, since RIC had already secured a spot in Q3 using the ultrasofts – that paid off. And he continued to say that of course, if it rains on race day, all that goes out the window :-)


It’s looking really promising for Red Bull’s older driver. They seem to have got the options covered. Its really going to come down to a drag off the line to the first corner.
Oh, and then keeping the car out of the barriers for the next two hours!
Really looking forward to this race.
How far up the field do you reckon the other plucky Red Bull pilot will get?


Oops, start of the sky coverage, and its a soggy day in Monaco!
All bets are off, and chaos may reign
It just gets more exciting ;-)