Monaco to get new super-soft tire

As we head to Monaco this weekend, Pirelli has a new tire they will unveil to add some grip to the race. The Italian tire company will bring a new super-soft compound that resists graining and blistering.

Pirelli boss Paul Hembery said:


“We’re bringing our brand new super-soft tire for the first time this year, together with the soft, as has been the case since we started our current Formula 1 era in 2011.

“Monaco has often been described as a circuit where overtaking is impossible, but we have seen in the past there how tire strategy and degradation has often led to positions changing, including on-track overtaking.

“In particular, the way that drivers use the new super-soft tire, with its notable performance advantage, will be crucial.

“As is always the case, the right preparation and collection of tire data during practice will put any driver in a strong position to maximize their potential in the race as well as the crucial qualifying session.”


This might be an interesting addition to the race which is typically accused of being visually stunning but lean on action. With McLaren gunning for its first points of the season and other teams keen to turn their season around, a super-soft tire might be a welcome addition.


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Mercedes were there hardest on tyres through pre-season testing, so a more robust super soft will only help the team. Not perhaps ideal in closing the gap at the front of the field.
However the race is traditionally a one stop, with the pole man holding everyone up so that anyone trying to undercut him is held in traffic. This may give those following the opportunity to try and make the super soft last for a few more laps than the Mercedes while still putting in fast laps.