Monaco’s Mosley Watch

Max Mosley

We haven’t had a good Max Mosley update in a while but this one is timely, topical and applicable to the upcoming race in Monaco. According to the Times, apparently teams, Royal families, sponsors and drivers are all concerned about Max’s appearance at Monaco in two weeks.Max’s PR man, Richard Woods, says that Max is going irrespective of the difficulties it may cause. That kind of 800lbs gorilla tactic may work in an apartment in Chelsea but I doubt many will take it lightly in Monaco. The Royal family of the small principality would certainly be concerned if Max’s appearance overshadowed the actual race and could face embarrassment should he attempt to be part of the proceedings.

The Times article revealed that certain teams may have an informal “Max Watch” system they are using to alert team members to Max’s presence and whereabouts in an effort to stay far away from him if he trolls the paddock area. The times article also revealed that the office of the Turkish Prime Minister contacted Bernie Ecclestone to insure that Max was not planning a surprise visit to the Grand Prix this past weekend and wanted to avoid any embarrassment for the Prime Minister.

Is it me or is Jackie Stewarts famous “untenable” comment more true now than when he said it? Max has to realize that irrespective of anyone’s guilt or innocence; his actions are galvanizing and the sport doesn’t need this type of consternation. Yes, even bad PR can be good for the sport and many have said that the Max affair is creating a buzz in the industry but I disagree. I think Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and as such it should be governed by men worthy of their positions and respected by all who are beholden to them. Max feels umbrage from action and words of the teams, sponsors, hosts, fans and colleagues. Control is an illusion Max. Power is fleeting and often limited. In the interests of all those you have served for many years; perhaps the greatest service you can do to the team and sport you so dearly love is leave them. If Formula 1 was as important to you as you have explained, then the protection and smooth running of the sport should be paramount to you exoneration of guilt or personal war with News of the World.

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