Montezemolo channels Enzo to say it’s all about winning

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The Ferrari folks have their messaging down tight this week. Here’s Luca di Montezemolo, as part of a post at Ferrari’s official site:

“With all the comments made recently, most of them misguided, there is only clear and concrete truth: Ferrari is strong and winning again. That is what I, everyone in the company and our fans wanted.”

Could Mr. Enzo Ferrari have said it better, himself?

That’s actually the beginning of a post that I just finished reading and just finished laughing about. Maybe it’s me, but this stuff is priceless:

Everyone at Ferrari was naturally delighted with the fantastic one-two finish in the German Grand Prix last Sunday, which proved assertions that the car had improved considerably over the past few races, even if the results had been lacking. While the quickest car outright in qualifying was still a blue Red Bull, the next two cars on the grid were both red and, in race conditions, it seemed that the Cavallino was quicker than the Bull. It certainly eased the task of packing up the cars and equipment as quickly as possible after the race, as the team transporters headed immediately for Hungary.

OK, so I’m going to wager there were at least two people at Ferrari who weren’t exactly delighted by the race results.

Then there’s the whole waxing poetic “Cavallino was quicker than the Bull” part. I don’t think you would believe us if we made that up. But there it is. In virtual black and white.

Finally, I have this imagine of the team packing its stuff up as fast as possible in a latter-day version of getting the heck out of Dodge. “Quick, Stefano, throw that wing in here and let’s get going before Jean figures out what we did!”

Great stuff. It isn’t quite packaged as the “Horse Whisperer” blog that was so 100% awesome, but it’s close.


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