Montezemolo to step down as FOTA president

Luca di Montezemolo says he is likely to step down as FOTA president at the end of this year to concentrate on being the head of Fiat/Ferrari. Makes sense as I am sure that’s a tough job but I also suspect that some driving lessons from Fernando Alonso may be in the cards for the Italian CEO.

Luca di

Is this a big deal? Actually, yes. Montezemolo gave FOTA the clout and gravitas it needed to accomplish the combined goals and with the new teams coming in to the fold, having a senior representative in place was important in my opinion.

The next question becomes, who will take his place. The logical choice would have been John Howett of Toyota but that’s gone the wa of the Dodo. Flavio would have been a good second stint president but that’s not possible now. Sam Michael? Sir Frank? I can’t imagine that as they have a tendency to lean heavily toward privateers (logically so but still not the most inclusive of members).

So who woul it be? Who do you think will take the lead and move FOTA forward with the strong position it needs? Then again, I suspect FOTA is just waiting until 2012 to actually create a stir again. By that time maybe Montezemolo will be ready to take the reigns again?

“I took up the president role because I felt it was good to have teams competing on the track, and talking out of it like sports professionals,” di Montezemolo told Autosprint.

“This is what we did. However, I have another job and I can’t do everything. So, I really think that I will step down at the end of the year.”

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