Montoya on Schumacher, Alonso and Vettel…and weak Europeans

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It’s always interesting to hear drivers speak about their careers in F1 and what they thought about their time in the series as well as wha they think about the current crop of champions. 

Juan Pablo Montoya spoke about getting in the heads of other drivers, European drivers being weaker in the mind and who he feels are the top drivers on the grid today. 

I did find his comments about Ralf Schumacher interesting. Long maligned by the press (Mr. Bishop) and fans, in my opinion I don’t think Ralf ever got the credit he deserved for being a really good driver. There’s no doubt JMP is a good driver and even he struggled to beat Ralf. 


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Funny … displaying this video embedded in FBC is blocked by FOM, but my youtube-DL-plugin can get it, and on youtube it works as well … it’s just not for us at FBC. They’re actually paying someone to attend to this!


I think it might be Al, Al Gorithm. One of the best, a really diligent guy,


Yeah of course but nevertheless, people set up this algorithm, someone paid for that, someone else earns a living by it … and it’s all futile, and it isn’t even a smart approach to reaching the target audience.


Guttentag Herr Schmorbraten, you are, of course, quite right. Hopefully the new owners will take a more enlightened view and be providing lots of content to sites like F1B.

Dave Domenicano

Says the guy that would take a fit and completely lose his mind if the press would ask the wrong question. Montoya acted like a spoiled brat…

Purple Sector

Montoya’s excuse after he threw away the title at Sonoma in 2015: “It sucks, but when you make double points the last race in a road course and you change the tire and you do everything you did for this weekend and you put so many variables, it doesn’t even matter what you do all year.” Classic Montoya! Its everybody’s fault but mine. When I think of drivers that easily loose their cool, a key indicator of ones mental strength when things go wrong, Montoya, Vettel and Alonso come to mind. Yet we hail them as “strong” for their amateur… Read more »


Great to watch, JPM was never short of self belief. I hear Montoya taught Matt Bishop everything he knows about bravado.
I think his point about thinking the guy in the fastest car not necessarily being the best driver is a valid one, and it applies every year and every race.

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