Apparently it was the car, which few would argue, and he was bored with placing 5th or 6th.  I can certainly understand getting frustrated; Kimi has more reason than anyone.  But I also understand that all those years fighting McLaren and losing; Michael never left from boredom.  Neither has Kimi.  That is why they are complete packages and JPM is not.  Similar to Webber’s comments of being there for himself; JPM seems to be devoid of a team spirit.  Surely this is arguable but it seems from the outside looking in; he lacks the entirety of what it takes in F1 to win.  Like him or not, Ron Dennis is not a loser and does not like fielding a bad car.  It takes a team to field a winner; including the driver.
I left out of boredom,” Montoya told his country’s El Tiempo newspaper. “I wasn’t enjoying the races. I had done everything I had to do and I had achieved almost all the goals that I had.
“I only needed to win a title and I realised my chances were very small. Leaving was the best decision that I could have made.

“The car drove me to boredom. My teammate was finishing fifth or sixth too. We were finishing in the same place all the times. It wasn’t me, it was the car.
“Fighting for fifth place is no fun. I wanted a new challenge and NASCAR is just that. Different, fresh. I could be racing for another 10-15 year. It’s a different world, it’s more relaxed. It’s a different story.”

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