More Gran Turismo, this time with added Red Bull

While we all can debate whether Gran Turismo 5 will, in fact, come out on Nov. 2 as promised this week, here’s one thing we don’t have to ponder:

Is Red Bull going to be a part?

The answer is a big, fat yes:

Red Bull Racing will be playing an important part in the next edition of Sony’s PlayStation series Gran Turismo which is released this November.

For months the F1 team has been working with Polyphony, the company behind the game after Red Bull was asked to become part of the latest chapter: GT5 – The Real Driving Simulator.

In this version, gamers will get the chance drive the Nordschleife, try out the Top Gear test track and unlock a special car which… well, let’s just say Adrian Newey is involved as is Sebastian Vettel and they both met the game’s designer Kazunori Yamauchi in Milton Keynes earlier this year. The Factory and the Red Bull-owned Hangar-7 restaurant in Salzburg have also been recreated and feature within the game.

Please, please, please let there be the opportunity to run Mark Webber off the track!

Also, I will just say: Top Gear test track = OMG!

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