“More Room”

Bernard Ecclestone

Formula 1 ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone feels that even with Super Aguri in administration for the sale of their assets; no on will buy them. Asked about Super Aguri’s fading hopes in the twilight of last week, Mr. Ecclestone said that he was not prepared to invest 100 Million into the team and he suspects that’s how much it would take to keep things going.  Certainly their 50 Million pound debt to Honda does not help things but a limited asset acquisition would not assume that debt; only the assets.  The contracts would not be enforced save versus the odd non-compete clause in some employees contracts.

This leaves two spots open for new teams and Mr. Eccleston was quick to point out that this is not a closed hsop; he is willing to entertain new comers for those positions.  Never one to dwell on the negative; he sees the upside of Super Aguri’s exit as:

“More room.

“It means we have a lot more room now because the teams are expanding like crazy with their hospitality units and their trucks and everything. We’re always running out of room.”

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