Mosely: Follow FIA rules or leave

As we mentioned yesterday, it seems that the FIAs Max Mosley has enough new team applicants to fill the grid for 2010. With Prodrive, Lola, USF1, Superfund, March, Campos, Litespeed, Brabham, N. Technology, Carlon Motorsport, Manor Motorsport and MSC Organisation Ltd is seems that Max may be hinging his obstinate attitude toward FOTA on the cat that he already has, posibly, 12 teams joining the series.

If Max decides to ignore the demands of the nine (9) FOTA teams; he still has 24 cars fo the grid in 2010 under the current regulations as stated including a two-tier system and budget caps. Max feels so confident about his new teams that he feels FOTA can g do their own thing telling Switzerland’s Motorsport Aktuell:

‘I say [to them] if you want to formulate your own rules, then you can organise your own championship, assuming the rules satisfy the safety requirements,’ he told Swiss weekly Motorsport Aktuell.

‘But we have the Formula One world championship and we make the rules for that,’ he added in an interview conducted at a Formula Two race in Valencia last weekend. ‘We’ve been doing it for 60 years and we’ll continue to do it in the future. Now we have a dispute and we’ll see who prevails.’

This wasn’t the sentiment a few weeks ago when he sounded conciliatory in Monaco but now that he has seen the flood of new applications, he feels F1 may not need the nine (9) teams of FOTA.

Do you? Is F1 still F1 with a grid full of new teams that are untried and working on limited budgets to stage competitive racing? Will this series still draw the same TV revenue? Anyone think FOTA should start its own series in light of Max’s flippant attitude toward their involvement and contribution to the sport?

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