Mosely on team budgets

For some months the notion of mandating a team budget cap for the F1 series has been something interesting enough to raise eyebrows but it also has loaded the topic with a burden of questions such as “how would we control what Ferrari or McLaren spend and how could we verify it?”. Both good questions but Max Mosley, FIA President and regulatory chief of F1, insists that bidgets might be possible. His notion most recently has been to limit the technology and reduce the expense of F1 by standardizing parts etc.

Max has now suggested that turning the concept 180 degrees might be possible in which the FIA would allow teams to do what ever they wanted with the technology but supply a budget cap to do it with. This would certainly promote some creative engineering to be sure and I would rather see this creative thinking-out-of-the-box style of engineering and tech advancement in F1 than to see a NASCAR-style spec series that removes the last vestiges of F1’s DNA. Now, who would tell Ron Dennis and Luca Di Blah, blah, blah that they $100 million to pay with?

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