Mosley: Alonso title would ‘devalue’ F1

We posed the question last week. Would a world driver’s championship be legitimate if Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso wins it by a few points. You were all very gracious with your answers and logic. You will be happy to know that former FIA President Max Mosley, who was very critical of the Hockenheim team orders issues, has weighed in.

“I did feel at the very least that the extra points that Alonso got by overtaking Massa under team orders should have been taken away,” Mosley said.

“That’s the absolute minimum, because if by any chance Alonso were to win the championship with a margin less than the seven points that he picked up, I would say illegitimately in Hockenheim, it would devalue the championship.

“But that’s just a personal view.”

No secret that Mosley feels Ferrari were wrong and that they clearly breached the regulations banning team orders. He has suggested that the team and drivers points should have been taken away along with the assessed $100,000 fine.

So Mosley feels Ferrari and Alonso’s actions, if they should win the title by 7 points, have devalued the sport. This is becoming a broken record to be honest. If Mosley’s sex scandal, spygate, crashgate, Hitler admiration comments, Hoongate, liegate, team orders and other shenanigans haven’t devalued the sport, I doubt very seriously that a Driver’s Championship won by the help of team orders (tactics) will do much long-term damage as well.

Mosley, above many, knows this is a team sport and he also knows that teams have been applying tactics or orders even with the ban. No secret that he, after years of favoring Ferrari, had a serious fall-out with the Italian teams president Luca di Montezemolo in 2009. Is Mosley motivated hard feelings? You bet…he has a serious history of that.

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