Mosley as Prime Minister?

Max Mosley
It is refreshing to know that the political campaign to seek another term for the FIA’s President Max Mosley has begun. Max had asserted that if he could only remain in his seat as President of Formula 1’s governing body, after his now infamous sex scandal, he would step down as he was planning on doing anyway. I doubt this swayed any votes in the vote of confidence hearing last year but alas, Max gained the votes he needed and has remained.

Time has passed and Max has now hinted that ‘people’ are clamoring for him to stay on another term as the FIA President. Now I know Max is characterized by integrity,dignity and ballsy behavior but who knew about his jocular nature? Well, with that kind of love and endorsement from ‘people’ you can understand that time has blown the edges off an otherwise political and sex staind event last year but now? Now I think we may have found out who those ‘people’ are. Yes, none other than Bernie Ecclestone. No surprise really as Bernie could use a good ally in changing face of F1 (CVC doesn’t count; they don’t know their butts from third base about the racing world and Max does). If things get dodgy around 2012 when the Concorde agreement comes up; Bernie will need some allies behind him and Max has been nothing but an ally for Bernie for years. Understandable really and I won’t make a fuss about it. If I were Bernie I would try to consolidate my power base and Max would be top on my list. I understand Bernie and I can’t say I blame you for starting Max’s campaign as his political adviser already. good move Sir.

You can read the story here.

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