Mosley defends ‘standard’ F1 engine idea

Max Mosley has floated an idea of a standard engine in F1 (among other things like the gearbox et.). With the reaction comes the defense…as usual for Max.

“F1 should not lose its status for technological excellence,” he agrees, “but it has to be investing in useful technologies.

“I know there are those who say it is not the right move, but I am talking about the real world.

“If Volkswagen can buy an engine (for a road car) less expensively (than to build one), they will undoubtedly do that.

“After they put the VW badge on it, it’s all the same. This is a reasonable way to view the business.

“Unless we think very seriously about cutting costs, in the next ten years we will be in trouble,” Mosley said.

First off, VW was one of the companies Max tried to shame for their involvement in the WWII machine behind Nazi Germany. Second of all, if VW can find a place to just buy an engine and brand it VW, then why is Max against the ‘customer car’ scenario as offered by McLaren and Dave Richards? So which is Max? both sides of the mouth?

Spec series already exist and we don’t need another one. Max’s own brainchild, F2, is a spec series. Bernie’s GP3 is a spec series. NASCAR, IRL and GP2 et. al. I keep going back to my assertion:

Why not allow customer cars for teams to buy cars from teams to help off-set their R&D and put a competitive car on the grid? 1960’s anyone? Cooper-Climax? Coventry? BRM’s? Lotus?

Who is Max pandering to with his doom and gloom talk? Yes, F1 is expensive and KERS doesn’t help along with other nonsensical rules that actually cost more and have less effect. Color me reactionary but this, like many of Max’s recent defenses, is very weak. So we’re trying to benefit the sport in ten years? Let’s hope MAx isn’t around to see that. Retire already.

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