Mosley: F1 not in crisis

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Whatever Max. If that is the spin you’d like to place on it that is fine. Max, commenting on the stalemate reached during the meeting today at Heathrow between the FIA and FOTA has suggested that there is no crisis. He’s giddy about all these teams coming in to F1 due to his new budget cap system. This week Lola and Litespeed have announced their plans to enter F1 and while that is grand, it is at the risk of losing teams that have been in F1 for decades.

Color me reactionary but I would rather watch Ferrari’s, Renault’s and BMW’s race on the weekend than some spec chassis/engine combination of Mike Gascoyne’s!!

I love a good privateer team like Brawn or Williams F1 but not at the risk of losing Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota or Renault. Sorry Max; I don’t get jazzed by F1 GP2, A1GP or venture capitalist teams trying to make a cheap entry into a market the size of F1 so they can pound their chests. I also don’t get jazzed that you would penalize Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Red bull or Renault so they are slower than these start-up teams. BS!

Max said:

“I don’t think it will happen,” explained Mosley “There is this suggestion that there is some sort of crisis, but I don’t think there is a crisis.

“We were absolutely up against the deadline for new teams, and if a new team is going to come into F1 they have got to know they have got an entry and they are in. We’ve already left it very late and that is why it was necessary to have an absolute deadline.

“Now that has been done, they will apply to enter and we will look at the applications and take a decision. Then there will probably be some vacancies, and then other teams may decide to enter later or not as the case may be. There won’t be a crisis of any kind, if indeed a crisis at all, until March 2010 when we go to Melbourne. There is plenty of time.

“The people who are up against it time wise are new teams, because you cannot nowadays just start an F1 team at short notice. That is all underway – and we will see how the new teams look. There are a very large number of people who have expressed an interest, and a significant number of them are serious. The difficulty is that there are going to be more serious teams than the potential three places if all the existing teams entered. So we are going to have to take a view on that.”

He then added such profound statements regarding Ferrari as this:

“I would be very surprised in the end if they do, because they have been saying we are going to leave – yet they seek an injunction to try and get the rules not changed,” he said.

“If they were going to leave, you would think they would just leave. But in any event, it does not become an issue for the best part of a year, or 10 months.”

Would there be no room for Ferrari if they wait to make a decision? “This could happen,” Mosley said . “You see, if they don’t enter you can probably assume that some of them will stop, or do something else – go to Le Mans with a diesel engine or go to Indianapolis with a Honda engine. It is all possible.”


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