Mosley: FOTA demands ‘unrealistic’


FIA President Max Mosley told Swiss publication Motorsport Aktuell that FOTA’s provisions, supplied with their applications on Friday May 29, are unrealistic. Max believes the teams waited until the last minute to file their applications in the hopes of making it difficult for the new teams. Perhaps but I suspect getting the provisions outlined, written and approved by all the teams takes time. Especially when the provisions are outlining the Concorde Agreement the teams want signed by June.

Lest there be any confusion, Max said:

“We make the rules,” he said, referring to the Paris-based federation that has governed the sport since 1950. “We have done it for 60 years and we are going to continue to do it.”

The war continues and many suggest that Max is getting ready to pull the rug out from under FOTA’s feet on June 12. Will he proclaim the applications made by FOTA members as invalid? Have the teams forced the FIA’s hand on the issue rendering the war only delayed instead of over? Has concessions been made by both sides?

It is difficult to tell as Max has commented in the press with words that sound conciliatory but in the same breath he has engaged in chest-pounding that sounds as if he is still planning a master stroke. With all the new teams lining up for the 2010 season, Max may feel that he does not need all FOTA members to fill the grid and if all of the new teams actually do field a car; he would be correct.

But here is a case in point. Epsilon Euskadi announced their entry in the 2010 season today and mentioned they had secured revenue for four years. That’s great but Ferrari have been in the series for 60 years. I am very excited about the new teams entering F1 but not at the expense of the existing teams and I wouldn’t want to hang my hat on a bunch of small teams just entering F1 with limited sponsorship and no long-term history. The mid-80’s proved that small teams can come and go on a whim and the small budget cap allows teams and easier vehicle for leaving the sport as they have not invested as much and can absorb the loss. I doubt Toyota is willing to walk away from the sport quite as easily as a team who spent $60MM one year in the series and failed.

In the end, it sounds as if the war is still brewing and Max is apt to do whatever will secure his personal position of power over the sport. June 12th may be very interesting.

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