Mosley hinting at re-election

Max Mosley
No shock here that Max Mosley is hinting around at running for another term as the FIA President. He made rumblings a few weeks ago that he would decide in June but now he has unleashed his diatribe about lots of people clamoring for him to stay (sound familiar?) and how it would be very inappropriate for him to not accommodate their desires. It isn’t a fact that Max is so desperately needed at the FIA helm; it’s a fact that he won’t leave. If public opinion were the rule, Max would have been gone last year but Max only seeks public opinion when it is disavowing some hair-brained scheme of Bernie’s that no one has the guts to say no to.

But now we have this mysterious, massive fan base for Max that just won’t let him leave the sport. Just like all those mysterious supporters during the vote of confidence last year. Max is a very intelligent man on many levels but his sophomoric politicking is really wearing thin.

“When a lot of people say ‘you should stay’, it would be sort of churlish not to,” Mosley told media during a lunch in London on Wednesday.

“At the moment they are saying that and it’s very flattering. I’m conscious that a decision has to be made, probably at the meeting of the FIA World Council at the end of June.”

And the obligatory swipe at what I can only assume is Sir Jackie Stewart regarding the Sir Fred Goodwin rumor.

“Last week Sir Fred called me to say it was all nonsense. He was obviously rather embarrassed,” Mosley said.

“The interesting thing is where it (the rumours) could have come from. It has to be someone with some kind of connection to F1. He’s got to have some connection with Scotland.

“He’s got to have no understanding of how F1 or the FIA work, and he has to be unusually stupid. There’s at least one person who ticks all those boxes.”

I guess at this point we all have to heed Grace’s world wisdom of sticking with the evil we know. And good heavens do we know this evil…underwear and all.

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