Mosley knows who it was!

Max Mosley also shared with those MB’s over Autosport that he knows who set him up in the Spank-gate affair of last year. Apparently it is someone from within the F1 system. Quotes from Autosport.

“But I am not going to do anything or say anything until I am absolutely certain. That is going to take a little bit more time.”

Mosley said investigations to prove the individual’s identity were ongoing, with him believing the set-up took place with a view to forcing him out of office.

“It wasn’t done for fun,” he said. “It was to get rid of me. I think the theory was that if that came out, I was going to resign. That is what the News of the World thought as well. They thought I would just go away and that was it.”

Mosley confirmed that the individual he suspected was behind the affair is from F1, but said it may take several years for him to confirm the identity.

“It might take two or three years for various reasons,” explained Mosley. “I don’t care how long it takes. All sorts of other things are going to come out – there is an awful lot going on on the continent.

“We have got criminal proceedings against 17 individuals in Germany, we’ve got defamation actions in Germany, France and Italy. And in Italy the defamation actions are an adjunct to criminal proceedings, which of course are in the hands of prosecuting authorities.

“So it has become very much one of those things that takes a while. But we will get there.”

Let me ask a simple question; with all this litigation and cloak-and-dagger work going on; when does Max have time to run the regulatory body of Formula 1? Anyone? I know we all like multi-tasking but this seems egregious to ones schedule and I think he should take some time off to realy vet the process and bring those evil-doers to justice…just do this on your own time Sir. Let the rest of us go racing with the full attention of an FIA President who is committed to the sport, not his seedy reputation.

Okay, that’s it for my rant.

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