Mosley Offers Piquet Immunity; Drivers Speak Out


Speaking to reporters, the FIA’s Max Mosley has suggested that the alleged race-fix charges against Renault for the Singapore Grand Prix of 2008 are worse than cheating:

“One of the bad things about McLaren was that they did not tell the truth, so that went against them,” he said.

“But on the other hand, what is alleged to have been done here, is probably more serious. But to assess that, it is a matter for the world council, it is not really for me to say.”

He did stress that Renault are considered innocent and that they have yet to provide their documents and evidence as requested by the FIA. Mosley said they asked for more time and have been given until next week to comply.

Interesting also that the FIA have given Nelson Piquet Jnr. immunity if he told the truth about the situation with Renault. Mosley suggested this was similar to the deal agreed upon with Fernando Alonso in 2007 with the McLaren industrial espionage case. I find it unconventional to be honest as Piquet’s statements are the matter of subject and at this point it is difficult to tell if it is the truth. What if Piquet’s statements are found to be false? Is he immune to punishment?

Also, drivers have weighted in on the subject as well:

Nick Heidfeld:

“Immediately after the race, in the briefing, everybody who was there in the paddock had the thought it at least looked like it could have been on purpose,” said BMW-Sauber’s German driver Nick Heidfeld.

“It didn’t seem strange he crashed, but the fact they had those two strategies and he crashed at that time, made me think.”

Nico Rosberg:

“It was quite a coincidence. All the things that come together, Alonso goes in earlier and then the safety car comes out a lap after. It was a rumour that you heard in the paddock after the race,” he said.

“I don’t think they did (do it),” he added. “If it was deliberate it would surprise me because it was quite shocking. Pretty impressive, in a negative way.”

And perhaps more interesting is fellow Brazilian Rubens Barrichello:

“Someone wants Briatore’s head,”

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