Mosley on the OWG

The Overtaking Working Group developed by the FIA and lead by Paddy Lowe (McLaren), Pat Symonds (Renault) and Rory Byrne (Ferrari) has been responsible for helping the FIA form the regulation changes for 2009. The intent of the group is to increase overtaking and Max has said he would be “surprised and disappointed” if their recommendations did not work.

This week, he has stated:

“If the desired effect does not occur,” the 68-year-old Briton warned, “then that will be the end of the expert group.”

I may be new to some aspects of conflict resolution but if something doesn’t succeed; do you just torch the division and give up? Somewhere in my head I seem to recall a group working on a project diligently and continually refining it within the parameters set forth. Now that may seem antithetical to Max’s Apocolyptic style but it has worked int he past. Just saying.

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