Mosley: ‘pressure’ to stand for re-election

Mosley f1As was the case last year with the infamous sex scandal, according to the Daily Mail- Sunday, Max Mosley says he is yet again being pressured to stand for re-election for the position of FIA President when his term ends in October this year. The FIA/FOTA deal was that Max would not stand for re-election but he feels that FOTA were too quick to dance upon his grave and that there were misleading comments made about his stepping down with immediate effect. Thus, Mr. Mosley is being “pressured” to run for office again as the FIA members feel they are under attack by the evil car manufacturers.

Max also took the opportunity to insult Luca di Montezedmolo saying:

‘I don’t really expect Luca will apologise or withdraw in the way that he should,’ said Mosley. ‘Yet, on the other hand, within the motor sport world nobody takes him seriously. He’s seen as what the Italians call a “bella figura”. He’s chairman of Fiat but the serious individual who runs it is Sergio Marchionne, and I don’t suppose he takes much notice of Luca.’

Very mature Max.

He also made a few comments about his friend and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone that were suspect:

‘It must be maddening for Bernie,’ said Mosley. ‘He’s a serious businessman with a serious business to run. Obviously, from his point of view, if he was given a choice between his business and an old friend, he’d choose his business.

‘But he knew it was my intention to stop in October, so even if they all objected to me he really didn’t have a problem on Wednesday.

‘Nobody was more upset than Bernie when Luca came out with his stupid comments and someone to do with FOTA put out that very dishonest briefing. All it did was cause trouble and Bernie hates having trouble which doesn’t result in a profit.

‘He started life selling cars and one of his sayings is, “Once you’ve sold the car, stop talking”. What Luca did was worse; not only did he not stop talking, but he talked stupidly.’

That seems to me to be a slight bit off from the normal tack used by Max regarding Bernie. He seems to be slapping Bernie as a cold, ruthless business man and yet is also sucking up about poor Bernie’s thoughts on how silly this whole affair is. He seems to be using Bernie as a supporting counterpoint to the political row with FOTA and yet slapping him in the face at the same time.

So in the end, what exactly does 122 FIA member clubs have to do with F1? Sure, a few of the members may be on the WMSC that Max set up but ultimately what does a club vice president from Ethiopia have to do with F1? This is little to do with FOTA being some imminent danger to the FIA as Bernie is still involved and seated on the council. No, it is about ego. The same prime mover that saw him lash out and lose his marbles last year after being caught in kinky sex games. It is impossible for his ego to manage the thought of looking silly, beat or played for a fool in the media. I have one piece of advice; leave. Take Bernie’s advice and shut up. You sold the car (FIA/FOTA deal) and now you need to shut up. Luca may not be a man of distinction in your eyes but he is man enough to slam your bum to the curb and bring your empire down during a time when you and Bernie thought you could cram down on the car companies and radically change F1 for your golden years parachute.

And while we’re at it Max…could you share a little with about Manor F1? We understand that maybe you and Nick Wirth are still attached and that your right-hand man Alan Donnely’s wife is doing their PR for free. IS this the type of crack decision making that you are refering to that the 122 stooge autoclubs of the FIA is endorsing and feel is far from dictatorial? You can all sit and spin if this is the junior league decision making that would see real teams like Lola or Prodrive passed over for backroom deals to trump your personal position. You suck…and so does your organization. Bring on the breakaway series!

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