Mosley ruining the ‘Big Charm’

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has lashed out at the war of polemics Max Mosley has resurrected with his most recent tirade demanding an apology and insinuating he may not stand down in October from his re-election bid as FIA President.

In a statement on the Ferrari web site, Mr. di Montezemolo stated that the fans have had it with the “polemics” of the war over F1 and that it is time to put all of it behind us and move on. His statement was directed at Mosley’s recent diatribe about the Ferrari President misleading the media and insinuating that Mosley was being replaced immediately.

Question for F1B readers: If Max Mosley is still firmly seated as the President with all the powers that office possesses, then why is he writing letters to the FIA clubs, members, WMSC and staff warning them to protect themselves from the evil teams attempt to take over and place an independent person as the new head of the FIA? IF he is indeed still in control, then why the need? Why not just make the decisions that need to be made (I’m using that loosely as Max’s concept of what decisions need to be made is suspect at best). Now I am not privy tot he inner-workings of the communication process when discussing issues with the WMSC and perhaps I am out of bounds on my supposition. Perhaps Max has established this process of communication that would see event he current sitting President writing letters of warnings but it seems a tad odd to me. Then again, an official letter most assuredly would be leaked to the press and that could be the intention as well. The FIA would not normally distribute a Press Release with this kind of vitriol in it so an open letter to the council would be a better vehicle to pound your chest and demand an apology from di Montezemolo. Just a hunch.

Luca said:

“I am very pleased for the agreement, [and] I was not surprised because I understand the spectators, they are pissed off with all these polemics – the press releases, unclear rules, rules that change every six months,” explained di Montezemolo.

“We need stability. We need peace. We need transparency. We love F1; we want a F1 as always extreme – extreme in terms of technology and competition. The best drivers, the best teams, the best cars, this is what we try to achieve.

“I am very pleased for this result and also for the very good atmosphere that I found in Paris with the World Council, the FIA. So I think together with the FIA we have done a good agreement looking ahead.

“Now, stop with all the polemics, because we love F1. We don’t want to contribute to…take off the big charm and the unique elements of F1.”

Max is getting spanked like a German-prison themed prostitute and doesn’t like it this time. Luca’s paddle is made from words, political positioning and bio-mass fan support. That’s going to leave a mark.

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