Mosley: ‘stupid individual’

FIA President Max Mosley says he has moved on since exposure of his sadomasochistic sex party was revealed a year ago. Max is even chest-pounding about running for a fifth term as FIA President and says that one stupid person is responsible.

“(Those stories) were put around by one particular individual who is notoriously stupid,” the Briton, presumably referring to an unnamed regular critic, said in interview with the Daily Telegraph.

“That’s all I can say. But there is no question of being ostracised this year. I have had invitations to meet all sorts of heads of state,” Mosley insisted.

“There hasn’t been the slightest hint of anyone of consequence not wanting to meet me, because most people are grown up about these things.”

Max’s measure of this is “people who matter” and “heads of state”? I feel sorry for him if this is how he defines the character of man. Th majority of the people belonging to the largest member groups of the FIA wanted his resignation. Max has been a survivor and shoved this all right back down the throats of fans, teams and sponsors. Apparently we are people who don’t matter.

It will come around Max; Karma is a booger. No one takes him seriously except for himself. Everyone is just tolerating him and with his bravado and antics since the sexcapade was exposed; I sense his tenure is eventually going to pass and leave a stain on the sport.

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