Mosley tacks on KERS position

Max Mosley
This is the very thing that makes me irate! Makes my blood boil! The very example of Max’s pragmatism over clean, sound judgment to regulate this sport.

Max has discussed KERS with FOTA again and now has a markedly different position on it than originally mandated in 2007 and beyond. Now it is not advisable to use chemical components (as battery waste is an issue…Gascoyne had it right) and are completely optional at this point until a standard system can be developed that all teams would use. This is an anathema as standard system would not be used to promote technologies in the road car divisions of these teams and would not actually make F1 any “greener”.

“No team is obliged to fit KERS,” wrote Mosley in the letter. “It is also open to the teams to agree on a standard system or, indeed, to agree not to fit it at all.

“We are increasingly of the view that the use of chemical storage (in particular batteries) should be prohibited in Formula One owing to the unsuitability of the batteries currently available.

“There are at least two mechanical or electro-mechanical systems under development for Formula One and there may be others as well as hydraulic systems. Formula One would benefit from systems with more capacity than the present 400KJ, 60KW, (for example maxima of: 2MJ stored, 150KW in, 100KW out) but still very small and very light, as is essential in Formula One.

“These figures are theoretically possible with mechanical devices, but not feasible in the foreseeable future using batteries and/or capacitors. Such non-chemical devices, if successfully developed, would have a very significant impact on road transport and other applications.

“This is a subject we should like to explore in depth with FOTA. In particular we should like to examine how Formula One’s outstanding engineering capacity could be used to develop KERS without incurring significant costs for the teams.”

Let us reckon the number of the KERS program loosely stapled to Max’s regulations and attached to this very sport that he says is unsustainable….$60 million in KERS development!!! Why, in God’s green earth, would Max mandate KERS for perception running up $60 Million budgets when the very sport itself, by his own admission, has been unsustainable for some time now. Ladies and gentlemen…this sport needs an enema.

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