Mosley: Teams will miss deadline

Max Mosley has been on a bit of a press blitz these last few days attempting to provide wisdom on the FOTA/FIA row and keep everyone assured that the budget cap is the most reasonable approach to F1. Max suggests that those who have and those who have not can not possibly live with what they’ve got because there is no parity within F1 while there are large teams racing against small teams. In effect, Max says that having more money is the same as having a bigger engine and that’s not fair (isn’t that why we have regulations that gauge the size of the lump?).

Maybe I am a little off the mark here but this seems very close to some nations attempts at creating parity across financial and cultural lines. This isn’t a political website and I am not particularly interested in anyone’s political stance but seeking parity for parities sake can often have similar, mixed results just as any organization might experience. As pointed out in other posts here at F1B, the American NFL system has utilized a budget cap system fairly effectively. Can anything be learned from it and does it translate?

With many programs such as Max’s, parity may be achieved but would the resounding comment be; “we have equality in F1 now. It all sucks but it’s equal”. Lifting some teams up through the budget cap and dragging some teams down is really missing the mark on both counts. The budget cap isn’t going to allow USF1, Lola or Litespeed to operate on the same level and panache as Ferrari nor is the capping of Ferrari going to allow them a better operation through restriction from their internal resources. So what is gained here? Who stands to win if the teams are operating on limited budgets?

Max said that he suspects many teams will miss the dealing for application this month. Autosport quotes Max as suggesting that perhaps only six (6) teams will make the deadline. But the unique comment from Max, over at Autosport, is his suggestion that if FOTA did break away from the series; the FIA would have to regulate it and that Bernie would be involved in the selling of commercial rights.

“Absolutely. We would have to do that, and we would do that. And if they did a breakaway, they could write their own rules and we would check them over for safety. And that would be it.

“Then, they would go off and negotiate with promoters and television companies, who would no doubt charge them a great deal of money as they would be there for marketing purposes.

“And rumour has it, when they went to negotiate with the promoters they would find Bernie on the other side of the table! I don’t know if there is anything in that, but it is just a suggestion…”

The suggestion is that Max and the FIA would also regulate any new series. We have discussed that before as the notion is the FIA may have some claim to be the regulatory body of a new series. Certainly Max thinks so and is saying as much.

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