Mosley to pen ‘explosive’ memoirs

You’ll be elated to know that Max Mosley, while the main object of collateral damage from the FIA/FOTA row, will take his new freedom to pen his memoirs. The 69-year-old says his memoir will have “explosive” stories about his life as F1’s regulatory leader and involvement in the sport.

Don’t forget that Max is just chomping at the bit to tell us who set him up in the sex scandal so that nugget could find its way int he memoir and his labeling his own work as “explosive” is just another stark reminder of why this man needed to go over a year ago. Won’t it be fun to read Max’s take on everyone he’s had an issue with over the last 20 years? I can hardly wait to plow the a body of work that exists for the sole purpose of being a grand apologetic of justification for his life’s work and cock up’s. Perhaps I’ll wait for the paperback.

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