Moss says rules against dirty driving will hurt … who do you think?



Sir Stirling Moss is saying that the FIA’s new rules governing the on-track driving — fewer defensive moves, no leaving the track — will pare one driver in particular down to size.

Michael Schumacher.

Moss cites Schumacher’s squeeze of former teammate Rubens Barrichello at the Hungarian Grand Prix as an example of the type of driving the new, 2011 rules will outlaw:

“I see that they’ve done something about dirty driving and that’ll probably lessen Schumacher’s chances,” Moss told ESPNF1. “It was disgraceful what he did at the Hungarian Grand Prix; Formula One is now one of the safest sports there is, but if somebody had been coming out of the pits at that moment it could have been a disaster.”

How do you argue with a guy who can fall down an elevator shaft and live to tell the tale?

Still, you might be tempted. Do you think Schumacher was the guy on the World Motor Sport Council’s mind when it made changes? Do you think he might get penalized early in the season — and maybe often enough that it hinders his ability to compete? Are there other drivers who you think will either benefit or be hurt by the new rules?

If you haven’t checked out the new regulations, you can download them at the FIA site here.

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