Moss weighs in on Piquet Jnr.

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In an interview with Eurosport, Sir Stirling Moss has weighed in with a scathing attack on Nelson Piquet Jnr. While many are in defense of the young Brazilian, there are those who feel that Piquet’s immunity and free pass is the wrong message to send.

Moss suggested that Piquet is beyond employable saying:

“I think it’s appalling what he (Piquet) did: I can’t believe he did it and I can’t believe he opened his mouth about it,” Moss, who recently turned 80, told Eurosport.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with Alonso; I’m just staggered at Piquet for doing it and for coming out and talking about it. I would think he is finished in F1.

“I can’t think that anyone would be stupid enough to give him a drive now. He might go to America for the IRL.

“I’ve lost respect for him… this is all very bad for the sport.”

Ouch! Maybe he’ll get a ride in IRL? That shows you what Europeans think of our beloved open-wheel series over here doesn’t it? I think I may have an anwer for Sir Moss; I don’t think IRL would be too keen to hire this F1 reject. Just saying…


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