Most GP circuits used in a country? It’s not UK

When you think of the country that has hosted the most grands prix, a number of folks come to mind such as the UK but what about the number of circuits a country has offered up in order to host its glorious Formula 1 grand prix? That imagery is a little more difficult to get your head around.

You might think of a country that hosted the F1 grand prix at a couple of different circuits such as Japan with Suzuka and Fuji or maybe you’re a veteran and can recall Monza, Pescara and Iola in Italy (I’d give you bonus points if you remembered Pescara).

Maybe you are an ace at F1 trivia and these kinds of things are seared into your brain and you can recall Nurburgring, The AVUS and Hockenheim in Germany. Perhaps you even champion yourself as an English gentleman and you can clearly recall Silverstone, Aintree, Brands Hatch and Donnington. That’s four different circuits to host the British Grand Prix, surely that’s the most circuits a country has used to host their Formula 1 Grand Prix? Nope, not even half the number of the top candidate.

The country that has hosted their Formula 1 grand prix at more circuits than any other is none other that the good old United States of America. That’s right, the USA and its USGP. Don’t believe me?

Sebring, Riverside, Watkins Glen, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas, Phoenix, Indianapolis and finally Austin (COTA).

That’s ten (10) different circuits to host the F1 grand prix in the US. That’s three more than the second place finisher, France—Reims, Rouen, Clermont-Ferrand, Bugatti au Mans, Paul Ricard, Dijon, Magny-Cours.

Heck, even Spain has more than Great Britain as the Spanish hosted their grand prix at Pedralbes, Jarama, Montjuic, Jerez, Catalunya and Valencia. That makes Spain the number three on the list behind the US and France.

Great Britain is fourth with Belgium (3), Italy (3), Germany (3), Portugal (3), Canada (3) and Japan (3) round out the top 10 list.

If you can imagine the US having two race and even three races one year. Clearly a loss of interest has occurred in the US for F1 and the other factor is the lack of permanency for a circuit leaving the series to race in parking lots in Vegas.

This is why COTA is such a special installation as it gives permanency to the USGP as far as a location goes that isn’t a silly Roval. It’s a real circuit purpose-built and yet the mobocracy still likes to kick its shins every now and then in the press when they feel justice has not been done to the SJW’s of Austin or the ownership of the circuit including poor Tavo Helmand who is now killing it in Mexico—don’t worry, Tavo always lands on his feet, he’s and enterprising young man…or as my dad used to say, he’s a fast shittin’ dog.

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Richard Piers

What you tryin’ to say, Negative ?

Steve Wyant

In 1982 there were three. Long Beach, Detroit and Las Vegas. 1984 only had two, but they were back-to-back, two weeks apart. Detroit and Dallas.


COTA may be special but, ya know, the USA is a big place – bigger than all of Europe put together – and we have two, count ’em, two – FIA G1 circuits. The other of course is Indy. Even among the G2 circuits we have St. Pete, Long Beach, Detroit (?) – which IMO aren’t remotely the equivalent of other international G2 circuits – and then we have a handful of real G2 road circuits like Laguna Seca, Sonoma, and the Glen. It still pales in comparison to the number of Euro G2’s. A bit pathetic really. I am… Read more »

Negative Camber

Well, don’t get me wrong here, mate. Spa is one of my all-time favorite circuits…even greater than COTA. Le Sartre is epic as is Suzuka.

Dr T

COTA ain’t no Spa… when COTA is wet it can only all be wet

Nick Talbot

Little late to the party…but “true dat.” If this were say, 30 years ago, before air travel became ridiculously cheap a Texas GP might = huge savings. Now, it offers only marginal savings (probably about $500-$1,500) with major downsides. Too bad F1 doesn’t connect with the hipster demo or F1 would be set. I wonder why COTA hasn’t tapped SXSW to promote F1 (maybe it has).

charlie white

It has: COTA always have a pavilion inside the Convention Center during South By Southwest.

charlie white

MotoGP and WEC keep coming back every year. I just wish the Aussie V8 Supercars would come back again.

John The Race Fan

Woohoo! Quantity over Quality! The ‘Murican way!

Look at some of the dogs we’ve hosted…
Dallas.. Ceaser’s Palace…Detroit…