MotoGP manages to make desert opener exciting…unlike F1

MotoGP started it’s season Sunday with the night race at Qatar. There were some question marks about pace, speed, testing performances and injuries but in the end game, the series managed to open the season with a desert race that was terrific, exciting and down to the last straight–something F1 couldn’t do in Bahrain.

The speed of Casey Stoner seemed daunting and you can catch all the race action from VMR’s Race Redux here.

Let it be said that MotoGP still manages to put a great race on and the key factor between F1 and MotoGP is that the motorcycles can pass and ride behind each other nose to tail. Dorna should be happy that while they have flirted with several of the former FIA president Max Mosley’s nonsensical regulation changes, the racing is still fun to watch and presents it’s fans with access, drama and excitement–something F1 could learn from. The reason? It’s actual racing with no gimicks to “spice up the show”. Real racing is spicy.

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