MotoGP’s Marquez drives F1 car; gets Lorenzo as teammate

MotoGP rider and four-time champion, Marc Marquez, has driven a Formula 1 car with the Toro Rosso team. The Honda factory rider was given a chance to try his hand at a 2012 F1 car at the Austrian circuit, the Red Bull Ring, ahead of the MotoGP and F1 races there. Marquez said:

“Today, a full smile, all day! It was a great experience,” Marquez said.

“It was incredible to drive a Formula 1 car, because it’s my first experience with a car at a track – I [have] never driven before. I drove a Formula 3 car, but only two laps at Motegi.

“Yesterday I was very, very nervous, this morning too – difficult to sleep, even more than in a race weekend. But step by step I just tried to find a way, to enjoy it, and it was really good.

“They tell me [I was] not bad [to begin with], but I was so far [away from the pace], but then step by step I understand the things, and around these legends everything is easier.

“It is a day that will always be in my mind.”

It’s always an interesting event to see two and four wheel racers try their hand at a different discipline and he had a good coach in former Red Bull driver Mark Webber.

On the heels of the event, it was announced that Marquez would be getting a new teammate and one that hasn’t had a lot of love for him in the past.

Three-time MotoGP champion, Jorge Lorenzo, has agreed to a two-year deal with Honda replacing Dani Pedrosa. It remains to be seen where Dani may end up but I find the combination of Marquez and Lorenzo a very interesting one. On the surface, you might think it would be a bit of a Rosberg/Hamilton type of combination but time will tell.

Lorenzo was not faring well at Ducati, having Left Yamaha, and will now move to Honda. Ducati will replace Lorenzo with Danilo Petrucci.

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It’s an interesting combination. Could be toxic, but like Pedrosa, Lorenzo is past his prime and he’s no Rossi. I’m pretty sure he will not have anything for Marc Marquez. If anything, Marquez will learn from Lorenzo and be even better.

I love MotoGP, to me, it’s some of the best racing on the planet and like a lot of people I’m not willing to pay for Bein sports package, of which I would only watch the one channel becaus3 I don’t watch any stick and ball sports.


From the Motorsport site it seems Pedrosa has chosen to retire, which created the seat for Lorenzo.
It seems both Yamaha and Honda were asckeen to sign Lorenzo, as Lorenzo was to get out of Ducati.
Hopefully Lorenzo adapts more quickly to the Honda than he did to the Ducati, and is as competitive against Marques as he was on the Yamaha.
As for Marques in an F1 car, Great! Get him in full time and set him against Ver-crash-en, and let the two fearless chargers go at it!