MotorSport’s Belgian GP preview by numbers

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…if you aren’t subscribing to MotorSport Magazine, you’d better have a damned good excuse as to why you’re not!

I’ve been a subscriber for years and it is a singular voice in a world of plurality regarding motorsport. One of their key gems is the history and epic database which they have spent many hours designing, tweaking and preparing it for a new age of data aggregation and harvesting. Imagine all those stories from 1924 onward at the tip of your fingers! It’s breathtaking really.

Today’s graphic is courtesy of MotorSport Magazine and details from their database via a very nice preview piece of the Belgian Grand Prix by the delightful Peter Higham:

Belgian GP 2015

I’ve not had the luck or chance to get an interview with the inimitable Nigel Roebuck but I have met him and he was such a nice guy. We chatted in Austin and I explained how he was our generation’s Jenks. A compliment that, while properly aimed, deflected like a ricochet off his armor of humility. Deny it but it is true, he is a singular voice in F1.

We are honored to work with MotorSport Magazine every chance we get and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Paul, Grace and I are all proud subscribers and you should be too.

*no, I’m not a paid spokesman, I just love their product and rich history as well as their terrific staff. 

Hat Tip: MotorSport Magazine


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Negative Camber

no one caught the graphic above? It rains in one corner and not the other? ;)


That’s crazy talk Todd, how can that possibly be? The track would have to be in some sort of mountainous forest region or something??????

Paul KieferJr

Like the Ardennes? :-D


Possibly ;-)