Mr. Branson goes to Hollywood

Richard Branson on Friday announced he is launching a film and television production company, Virgin Productions. Virgin will co-produce two or three films per year as part of its deal with Relativity Media’s Rogue Pictures.

Hollywood watcher The Wrap has the brief bit of news.

Here’s the Branson statement:

“Entertainment has long been a focus of the Virgin brand, and I’m excited for the chance to further grow in this space. Jason and Justin’s approach is very entrepreneurial, very Virgin. We share a passion for creating and nurturing communities of talent and fresh material. The Rogue and Virgin brands seem an obvious fit for each other.”

I wonder what, if anything, we can read into this. Just a natural expansion of the Virgin brand or could it be a sign that Branson’s moving on to a new interest. You could understand if hanging with the Virgin team isn’t quite as exciting as being part of last year’s Brawn team.

On an upside, I also wonder if his production company would attempt a Formula 1-related movie.

Branson’s priorities here might be worth watching.

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