Mr. Todt goes to the United Nations

Some folks are really good at multitasking. They tend to be efficient at juggling several initiatives at the same time—like having a day job and authoring a blog on F1 for example. Clearly Jean Todt is a person capable of handling multiple tasks but I wonder if he should given the state of Formula 1—the FIA’s single largest revenue source.

Todt has accepted a new roll at the United Nations in which he will:

“(Todt) will mobilize sustained political commitment towards road safety. He will also advocate and raise awareness about the United Nations road safety legal instruments, and share established road safety good practices, through his participation in global and regional conferences on road safety.”

I’m just a simple man from the middle of America so forgive me if I can’t explain what mobilizing a “sustained political commitment towards road safety” is. Does that sound like it could take quite a bit of his time?

There is a part of me that considers Todt’s acceptance of a UN role as perhaps something could take a significant amount of his time as it is an important issue. The selfish side of me doesn’t want that because I would really like for him to focus 100% on curing F1’s ills or at least reducing its fever with a cold compress.

What? Are you against safety? Of course not…or am I? I can’t tell. I’m for road safety and I am also for Todt solving F1’s issues and I feel guilty for suggesting its is either or. Regardless, congratulations to Mr. Todt on his new appointment.

In the end, maybe the FIA likes the idea of Todt moonlighting and gaining awareness for their programs and something tells me there is money involved with the role so there’s that which may be a healthy thing for the FIA. It’s just difficult to really be too jazzed about the new position when Formula 1 is struggling at the moment and there seems to be little movement or valued solutions in which to move forward with.

That’s not all Todt’s fault, mind you, but we certainly could use his help at the moment—selfishly I feel like we need his help more than the UN does at this precise moment in time. I may not know what it is but I think F1 could use some “sustained political commitment” right now.

Hat Tip: United Nations Organization

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Alianora La Canta

Jean has to multitask this way as it’s part of his job description. The president of the FIA is required to lead both its sporting side (encompassing every motor racing series on Earth) and the mobility side (campaigning in favour of cars, primarily to endorse safer use of them).

If he doesn’t do it, someone else will – unless the FIA Council separates the two sides of its organisation again (they were bound together in 1993).

Negative Camber

I agree with you, it’s his job. I have seen a few people advocating the division of roles leaving Jean to do his mobility work and another person to solely focus on Motorsport.

Ryan King

The United Nations are the guys who are really multitasking here. This is a part of Jean Todt’s job as President of the FIA. It’s commonly overlooked that the FIA represent the interests of automobile organisations and automoblie users internationally. While the sporting side of the FIA has always been in the spotlight, it still wasn’t until two years ago that the International Olympic Committee even fully recognized the FIA as an international sporting federation. This new role at the United Nations as Special Envoy for Road Safety will hopefully remain as a position held by future FIA Presidents, and… Read more »


Hey, fellows, given that Todt has done nothing to improve F1 – let’s hope he does get embroiled there and we get an replacement!


O dear, need to register again :-(

On the subject: This probably means Todt is leaving the FIA and that could be very good news for Formula 1. Maybe Mosley is available? Or a certain horse whisperer.
Someone who gets things done.

Rapid Rick

I think it great for Jean Todt. He is probably and most likely sicker than we are about F1 and understands he can’t do anything more. He has done so much for motorsports; perhaps this will bring greater respect from the world at large of ‘our’ great sport and hobby?


Obviously the UN doesn’t watch F1…. Because if they did then they’d know that all they needed to do to promote road safety was to put up signs everywhere that says:

Bernie says “Think before you drive”