My Thanksgiving is ruined as Trulli hints he’ll stay at Lotus

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Trulli!I’m edging ever closer to becoming a Kamui Kobayashi fan, but there’s still the nostalgic little kid in me who wants to root for Lotus.

But not as long as Jarno Trulli is there.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know he’s done a lot of terrific philanthropic work, and I think he’s a truly decent guy. But he bores me, an unpardonable sin in the world of sports.

Heikki me likey. Can’t help it.

And of course I loves me the Tony Fernandes.

But Jarno is keeping my pocketbook from opening on some Lotus merchandise.

I was expecting this to change this off-season, as I was sure Lotus would grab Nico Hulkenberg or even Nick Heidfeld over Jarno.

Alas, it appears I was wrong. At least Jarno sure thinks I am:

The Norfolk-based team have yet to announce their drivers for 2011, but the Italian has revealed he has been working on next season’s car.
“I’ll go to the factory in a few days to get ready and prepare the 2011 season chassis, cockpit and seat,” the 36-year-old told BBC Radio Norfolk.
“Then I will probably have a break with my family, just relaxing.”

Gah! No! Tony?!!? Why?!? Why??? WHHHHHHYYYY?????

I may not even be able to stomach turkey tomorrow. Or pie.


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