Nadal inspires Hamilton to win

I can appreciate Lewis’s looking to other stars and atheletes for inspiration.We have all done that at some point in time. We find inspiration from men and women who excel in a sport or situation and we take comfort in knowing that reaching those pinnacles in sport or any other thing can be done. That we are not incapable of truly amazing feats. Lewis, following Wimbledon very closely, said:

“I thought Federer would win,” said Hamilton. “I was not biased but I know him, I’ve met him and I know what a fantastic athlete he is. But towards the end I thought that Nadal would win. He was so hungry for it. He had something new.

“Federer had shown incredible hunger of his own to go there and win it again and again but it was impossible to match what Nadal has after he had done it so many times. I can associate with that. I haven’t won the formula one world championship but it’s something I want to do so passionately.”

Here’s a little advice, how about taking inspiration from another amazing athlete and a brilliant performance? That would be Lewis Hamilton at the British GP. Lewis, inspiration is right in front of you mate. Grab it and make it yours. ;) Nadal was incredible but so you were. Keep it going.

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