Nasr: Haas F1 a legitimate threat

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain Monday 22 February 2016. World Copyright: Alastair Staley/LAT Photographic ref: Digital Image _R6T7109

After pounding out 289 laps in Formula 1’s first test of the season, Haas F1 has raised eyebrows and perhaps even expectations for the 2016 season. Lap counts are a measure of reliability and if that’s the case, then Haas have a lot to be proud of.

The amount of work that has gone in to creating this team from scratch and working their Ferrari affiliation to the best result have positioned the team as a group of highly motivated men and women intent on scoring points and being competitive.

Haas F1’s testing pace and reliability caught the attention of not only fans but teams that could be in the immediate crosshairs when the flag falls in Australia. One of those onlookers is Sauber’s Felipe Nasr who said:

“With the resources and financial side they have they can catch up very quickly, they can develop very quickly,” Nasr said.

“It’s difficult for a new team to start a season in F1, to get the operations side correct, to get everything smooth, but I’m sure with time they will be very competitive.”

Haas F1 needs to score points on a consistent basis in order to get a portion of the prize money to offset the expense of running the team. Wins and podiums aside, scoring points on a consistent basis will be a huge success in 2016 should the team achieve that level of performance.

IF there are other midfield teams feeling that what they saw at Barcelona is a sign that they could be in for a fight, that bodes well as the teams know better than most what another team is capable of based on their progress during testing. Either way you look at it, Haas F1 could be poised for a terrific first season if they can get points and even overachieve by running midfield.


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If there is any mid-pack team that was well and truly surprised by the performance from Haas then they might want to read the F1 news sites more often… It was no secret that Haas is essentially a baby Ferrari team, and that they would be benefiting from every last bit of Ferrari expertise they legally can get their hands on.

It’s been pretty clear for at least a year now that Haas wasn’t going to be like any other startup team…


MichaelB-I Agree that they have use the rules to there advantage and think they are doing a great job so far, but let’s put the car aside and remember that races are also won and lost on pit lane. This is the part I think they will struggle with, tire selection, strategy, tire changes, fuel mileage, etc. I’m hoping they can score points, and I feel they will. They have a solid driver lineup…


They are, however I don’t believe that the folks making the calls on the pit wall are new to F1. Yes the pit crew may be junior, however even experienced pit crews do things like install a mismatched set of tires on a car…

#F1 'o^°o-

Happy to see a new team that is not the joke of the pitlane.
Gives more drivers the opportunity to race in F1.

Paul KieferJr

Haas is starting to prove that they’re going to do what they set out to do. In a way, they’re like the Texas Rangers: Create a legend, then go out and prove it.

Daniel Johnson

Haas knows what he’s doing. I’m really interested to see where this team ends up long term. Given their marriage with Ferrari I could see them being on par where Williams is now with Merc (assuming Ferrari continues to get better).


Despite the current woes of F1, Haas will definitely keep me interested this season. I suspect they’re going to do surprisingly well. The match of Haas and Ferrari engineering and operations experience should put them on par with at least midfield, and Grosjean is proving to be an excellent and aggressively competitive driver. This will be interesting.