Nasr: not ‘critical’ to beat manor; really?

In our mid-season review podcast, we discussed the situation at Sauber and while we’re excited for the financial relief the team seem to have gained with their acquisition by Longbow Financial, we were also relatively determined that they need to score points this season and reap some of the Formula 1 prize money as well by updating their car and trying to beat Manor in the championship.

According to driver Felipe Nasr, that’s not important it seems:

“Although we are giving this a shot to bring an update package in Spa, there is a lot already focused on the ’17 car, which is sensible considering where we are,” the Brazilian told

“But I still feel, you know, we still have plenty of races to try and score a point, and if we make the car work, perfect.”

“I don’t think it’s that critical. But I’m not giving up, the team is not giving up, we do want to score points. We’ll do what we can.”

I’m convinced that all the teams are squarely focused on the 2017 season given the raft of changes coming but it does seem to me that a team who has failed to score a single point so far this season, might be keen to find a way past Manor and claim something in the neighborhood of $30 million dollars for their efforts.

Something tells me that if you asked a team boss instead of a driver, you may get a different answer but I could be wrong. Surely if you’d asked the new owners, Longbow, they would like to see a $30m payday this year wouldn’t they?

Hat tip: Motorsport

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Bruno Tattaglia

Some might have short memory. But what Felipe is saying is that Sauber can never be behind Manor. Yes, current situation and 2014 made Manor /Marussia a better team (and GUT crashing Rascasse). But Sauber belongs to the midpack. Sometimes Lowe midpack like 2015 sometimes upper midpack like 2012-2013. Fighting Manor is a little bit cruel. Mercedes handles PU, first class drivers and points (yes…I still don’t believe PER s last lap failure, I think it was suggested by MB). But there is one thing you can all be sure of…..Sauber will PUSH….hell yeah will PUSH