Nelsinho Says Renault Not Winning

Renault’s junior driver, Nelson Piquet has told reporters at Barcelona that Renault are not going to be fighting for wins.

Fernando Alonso is already on record as saying that the Renault is not up to par with McLaren and Ferrari to fight for race wins. While many at F1B has speculated that this is a sandbagging attempt on Fernando’s part, it does strike me that a rookie driver would have similar assertions about his teams chance. If anyone would know the potential of a car, Fernando would. But as a rookie, you could excuse Nelson’s comments as he has a lack of experience to base his observations on. That being said, he seems very confident in his position and Renault’s chances. Are the sandbagging?

“It depends how good we are in Australia. Obviously not first or second, but we are going to be fighting to be the third, fourth or fifth team,” he said.

“It’s a big fight between us, Williams and BMW. You are not going to expect to be able to win a championship from one year to another. It never happens.”

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