Netflix releases Schumacher trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for an upcoming documentary about Michael Schumacher. As Netflix continues to wade into the world of Formula 1, adding documentaries about some of the sport’s biggest names and greatest stories is a terrific way to steep new fans into he world of F1.

I would recommend doing “Spygate” next. ;)

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It’s an interesting thing, comparing Schumacher’s reign at Ferrari and Hamilton’s at MB… I’ve heard people say “boring” and “he won again, big surprise” for both but for me it was always far more complicated than that. Schumacher was controlling the outcome, his skill, his team dominence. Hamilton is a great driver but it is always MB’s superiority and dominance. Back in the day it was “Schumacher in a Ferrari wins again.” Today it is more “MB wins again with Hamilton taking pole, taking the win, etc.” That may be unfair to Hamilton, but the truth is, the MB engine… Read more »

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