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F1B Askit!
Part of our 2011 changes include a new site layout, better navigation, more reader-friendly aggregation, a easier way to discern what story the commentariat are discussing and our latest feature F1B’s Ask It!. This, I am biased, is something we are excited about as it allows our readers to engage each other in a Q&A session where we help each other learn about F1. A repository of questions and suggested answers in which the original author of the question determines is the best. Here’s how it works:

AskIt! allows you to post your questions and have them answered by fellow members. Any visitor can post answers to these questions which are then voted on by the community until a “correct” answer is chosen by the question author. Each members receives a star rating based on their number of correct answers. Visitors can help choose the correct answer by voting answers up/down. Post authors can also deem a single answer as “correct” for each question. The fun part is voting the answers and seeing which answer the question author picks as the one he/she feels best answers their question.

Remember, this is still F1B so we would politely ask that you engage each other with decorum and civility…that’s all we ask. Have fun, sure, but no personal attacks. Remember, the reason most of you come to F1B is that new F1 fans can feel safe learning, with the help of veterans at F1B and F1B Ask It! without being derided for their lack of knowledge. We are all F1 snobs but we cannot allow F1 fans to become snobs towards one another. This will not do.

We hope you enjoy our newest feature and look forward to the fun of learning together about the motor sport world.

Join the fun here: F1B Askit!


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