NEW: F1B Gym Bag…a bargain at half the price!


Seriously…who wouldn’t want an F1B Gym Bag? This is the very bag SJ Skid would take to his yoga class or Gold’s. The same bag that Grace would use to smuggle wine across the border. The same bag Andy would use to keep his cheap F1 knock-off toys in. The very bag Paul Charsley would use mop up a soda spill in his car. Yep, the same bag Mark Hallam would use to carry his politics, Mont Blanc pen, Mac, and wild berries with a jar of locusts in. Rumor has it Laura might even use this bag to stow some of her bathing suits in when on her 6-week holiday to tropic islands. VMR may or may not keep her new puppy food in this bag and I am fairly certain Kohl (Oval Teen) wouldn’t own this bag so that’s reason enough to buy one.

UNDER $20??? A bargain by anyone’s measure. Get it here.

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